Why NGC Markets?

The State of Private Capital Worldwide

You want to raise money to grow your business. But when you’re already running the business—serving customers, building up your team, and living life—finding new sources of funding on top of everything else can be overwhelming.

Private companies need capital a fairly short amount of time after they’ve identified the need for it. Private capital holders are always looking for more investment opportunities toward a well-rounded and diverse portfolio.

There’s just no efficient way for them to meet each other. Until now.

Take ownership of the funding process with NGC Markets. Easily access deal professionals and investors for less back-and-forth and more go time.

Going out for funding is a full time job. You already have one of those.

Finding interested investors, setting up meetings, gathering the right documents and data for investor due diligence—it adds up to so much work, you might feel like you need a backup CEO. What if you could save that time and put it toward to building your business?

You can’t invest in what you can’t see.

This holds everyone back. What if there was a seamless global marketplace to buy and sell private capital interest? NGC is where the global private capital investors and innovators connect. This doesn’t depend on legislation, but is a secondary market to traditional investment portfolio activities.

With the structure and repeatable processes, software, networks, and educational resources you need to get funding and make deals, what could you do?


The sky’s the limit.

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