Small and medium businesses, envision wild success

More resources to grow your business

You and your team have built something great. Now get easier access to the capital you need to make it even better. When you’re ready for growth capital, there’s a global marketplace of private capital options out there. Find them easier than ever before with NGC Markets.

Save time and money with Vaults

Small to medium businesses do not equal small to medium challenges. When you’ve got fewer than 100 employees, you’re doing more with less, and an influx of capital sure can help. And medium businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees can benefit from capital that propels them into their next phase of life.

Who has time for the run-around of finding interested investors? You’ve got a business to run.

A business data room for all your investor due diligence

You’re focused on building a great business. Gathering documentation isn’t first on your priority list. With Vaults, you can spend an hour or so getting all your ducks in a row, then rest assured it’s private and secure, ready to easily share with investors.

You’ve got this.

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