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Simple, structured, and secure data rooms. Success starts with getting organized.
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Raise private capital so you can grow your business. Get all your investor due diligence done once, and done right.
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Looking for promising investments but don’t have time for hand holding? Grow your money with businesses who’ve done their homework.
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Connecting a fragmented market

Only 10% of all US investments made in private capital markets are carried out by non-financial institutions. This is because the global private capital market is bordered by information barriers that prevent business owners and capital providers from efficiently closing deals.

A place for funding innovation and growth

NGC Markets is a seamless, accessible global marketplace to buy and sell private capital interests. We give business owners a structured format for organizing and storing their data and documents, then actively connect them to interested deal professionals and investors. Bridge geographical boundaries and information barriers in a single leap.

Save time getting funding before you even start

When you’re starting and growing a business, your time is at a premium. As you gear up to go out for funding, what if you could rest assured knowing your funding due diligence is done, and done right? Our data vaults are thorough and secure, with 150+ data points saving you up to 30 hours of work or $45,000 per year.

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